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Past Performance

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Treasury Inspector General

Provides Data Warehouse ISSO Support in compliance with FISMA & NIST regulations.

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National Security Agency

Developed MSOffice add-in for thick & thin devices in full compliance with DISA STIGS and USGCB baselines.

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National Aeronautical & Space Administration

Developed static and transient thermal models for future NASA space missions. Developed data collection program to validate model.

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Federal Aviation Administration

Developed national record managements system for 12K users employing secure web-enabled database technologies.

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Dept of Health and Human Services

Provided Administrative, Project and Program Management support to Healthcare Integrated General Ledger Accounting System (HIGLAS).

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Environmental Protection Agency

Developed data warehouse solution to track environmental metrics.

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Defense Cyber Investigation Training Academy

Provided graphic design support in instructional videos, original graphics, and rebranding campaign.

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Defense Security Services

Provided audio/visual support in creating new content, and training based modules. Supported video control infrastructure and teleconference equipment.

More About Wild-Ox


Wild-Ox Consulting is a team of highly trained, dedicated professionals with many years supporting both modern and legacy systems and technologies. Years of expertise provide leadership for mission critical platforms and insight into legacy systems. Wild-Ox personnel are proven systems engineers, security engineers, technical leaders, developers and managers on tomorrow’s systems. We are your trusted IT solutions partner.

Wild-Ox expertise includes Systems Engineering (Platforms, Virtual Machines, Docker) Network Engineering (Device management/edge devices, monitoring, RAID, SAN), Cyber-security Engineering (Information Assurance), and Software Development (web-based frameworks, Content Management Systems, traditional languages). Key technologies include Business Intelligence, Operations Support, Disaster Recovery, Continuous Monitoring Systems, Systems Architecture, Project Management, Web Development, Data Warehouse, Database, Computational Physics and Space Science Engineering.

Since 2003, Wild-Ox has established relationships with Prime Contractors, Subcontractors and industry vendors that support the federal government and its missions. Wild-Ox is committed to training and ensuring its employees are skilled, productive, and collaborative. Some Wild-Ox personnel possess Top Secret clearances. Past and current Federal customers include NSA, Navy, NASA, FAA, EPA, HHS, and Treasury.


Wild-Ox Consulting has worked with several federal agencies and commercial entities. Federal work includes EmberJS websites, Data Modelling, Data Warehouse, Microsoft Office Add-ins, Database development and administrations, Computational Physics algorithms and transient thermal models (NASA). Commercial work includes WordPress development and maintenance, custom MS Access databases, Desktop support services.

Our diverse technology sets allow us to serve a diverse customer base.


Modern Website Development is a symbiotic mixture of varied technical skills. While good design attracts and retains viewership, this design must be good on all devices; desktop, tablets, and phones. Furthermore, the website must be fast and coded in such a way that the user instantly (or as fast as possible) sees the content. This can be especially challenging with the advent of large pictures and video. And how about SEO – can your targeted customers find you? Finally, there are compliance concerns with accessibility (viewing) and data capture (financial/legal). Many of these challenges happen transparent to the viewer but they must be there. Wild-Ox understands these needs and can deliver solutions that are effective and compliant.

Managed Services are very desirable from small and medium sized businesses who either don’t have the in-house technical experts or the budget to support and IT staff. As cyber concerns grow, protecting data becomes more important. Continuity of operations becomes more important. Businesses are turning to Wild-Ox to craft a solution that effectively allows businesses to have an outsourced IT department. Through managed services, Wild-Ox can enable an IT infrastructure to function seamlessly ensuring security, data-protection, and remote working.

Wild-Ox has been serving the Federal Government since its inception in 2003. The Federal Government has IT needs too! With most of the federal work being performed by contractors, Wild-Ox is well positioned to meet the surging demands of the federal IT challenges on either a short-term or long-term basis. Wild-Ox has staffed several contracts and many different agencies. We are viewed as a trusted IT partner.